Meet the Sisters

It all started with reiki. Meggin and Melanne started with reiki sessions trying to grow their spiritual journey. We always followed our own intuition and sixth sense and have always been curious about the psychic world. Our curiousity led us to the own Deb Hinty who enlightened through her reading that there would be an important contract that we would sign in May. Thus begun Mystic Sisters.  


Meet Our Practictioners


Meggin McAnally
Reiki & Cupping

After my first reiki session I just knew I had to learn how to use my gift. I've always wanted to help others. While being in real estate for 20 years, I just knew my purpose was to help others any way I can.

  • $45 for 30 min, and $75 for 60min


Tony Clark
Tarot,Astrology, & Numerology

Tony Clark has been active for forty plus years and has honed his natural ability to become well respected in using numerous techniques in his insightful readings. He integrates Tarot (his deck is a very powerful tool and even brings spirit energy into the readings), Astrology(Natal, Progressed, Transits, Astro-Relocation, Arabic Parts, and Synergistic comparisions),Numerology and uses these techniques in a seamless fashion.  His accuracy has customers returning for continuing guidance, he guides as opposed to coaches so that each individual feels empowered after a reading and is able to take information he provides and make sound decisions about life events. He is very involved in many charities which he donates his time, Jack Roth 5k Run & Walk for Cancer, Ballet Met, and NPR Radio to name a few. He has appeared on Television and Radio shows as well as authoring many articles using his vast knowledge of Astrology. He is a master teacher and does exclusive tutoring. He has done events of all types, weddings, Bexley High School Prom, Jewish Teachers Association, Yoga Studio grand openings, Art Gallery psychic fairs, high school graduation parties, Columbus’s Gay Men Chorus and many more too numerous to list. He does local, national and international readings for a long list of clients. He is available for large events, private readings, small group readings and charities, He also does phone readings.

  • $55 for 30 min, $75 for 45 min, and $100 for 60 min.

  • Also available for parties, call for pricing.

Deb Hinty
Tarot Readings

Fun fact: Deb has been reading tarot since she was 8 years old. 
Deb owns a strawberry quartz crystal ball. She uses her Halloween deck to help guide others! Halloween is her favorite holiday. She has been published in "The Columbus Haunts 2." 

  • $55 for 30 min, $75 for 45 min, and $100 for 60 min

  • Home parties by appointment for $150/hr

Lori Briggs
Psychic Medium

  • $55 for 30 min, $75 for 45 min, and $100 for 60 min

Cheryl Throwe
Psychic Medium

  • $55 FOR 30 MIN, $75 FOR 45 MIN, AND $100 FOR 60 MIN

Alysann Jones
Massage Craniosacral Reiki

Alysann specializes in massage, Craniosacral (specializing in prenatal), Reiki and lymphatic drainage. 

  • $45 FOR 30 MIN, $75 FOR 60 MIN, and $105 for 90 min


Rebekah Ives
Psychic Medium & Numerologist

Rebekah is a Spiritualist Psychic Medium. Rebekah’s passion in life has always been to help others improve their lives and to help make their dreams and goals become reality. This desire to help others led her to train at the Holistic Studies Institute in New York, the Nation’s leading Premier Holistic Learning Center. Rebekah has read for thousands nationwide and works every year in Salem, MA. 

Rebekah is a very compassionate Psychic Medium and is passionate about what she does. Her delivery is described to be like that of a close friend, gently helping to put a loved one at ease. She uses Clairsentience, Clairvoyance, Clairaudience combined with Psychometry to communicate with spirit to receive messages on your behalf. For most, Rebekah’s readings are nothing short of life changing. But most important to Rebekah is the ability to help, to assist in and see realized the deep-seated peace that can be reached through the guidance of a higher power. 

Rebekah is an Intuitive Investigator and works with Law Enforcement & families of murder victims, unresolved deaths and missing loved ones. Rebekah also assists in Paranormal Investigations specifically with the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association. 

Rebekah is also a gifted Animal (telepathic) Communicator, and Animal Reiki Practitioner. She energetically and intentionally connects with the animal first. She then receives information in the form of thoughts, ideas, words, images, sensations in the body, sounds in the mind, emotions and sudden knowing’s. Rebekah has many clients who rely on her ability to communicate with their beloved animal companions. 

  • $55 FOR 30 MIN, $75 FOR 45 MIN, and $100 for 60 min


Mindy Clark
Psychic Reader & Palmistry Specialist

A self taught handicrafter of tarot, fiery sagittarius, and crackerjack muse with the gift of gab, Mindy has been divining the cards for the better part of two decades. With unbiased insight, she will lead you to trust in yourself, give way to outcomes, and lay the course for the optimal approach to your potential. She aims to get to the bare bones to strike creativity and raise confidence in life’s decisions.  

  • $55 FOR 30 MIN, $75 FOR 45 MIN, and $100 for 60 min